For more than half a century, Rolex has partnered some of the world’s most talented artists and leading cultural institutions to celebrate excellence and contribute to perpetuating artistic heritage, creating a link between the past, present and future.

Through the rolex datejust replica Perpetual Arts Initiative, a broad portfolio of arts that extends through music, architecture, cinema and the Rolex mentoring programme, the brand confirms its long-term commitment to global culture.
The mentoring programme was launched in 2002, with a noble aim: to ensure that the world’s artistic heritage is passed on from one generation to another in a manner that transcends boundaries of nations, cultures, disciplines and generations. It revived the traditional idea of mentorship, a natural approach coming from a watchmaking company with a long-established system of apprenticeship. At a key moment in their professional lives, as they stand on the brink of recognition, young artists are invited by replica rolex submariner date oyster to be mentored by great visionaries in their respective fields – artists they might never have hoped to meet, let alone enjoy their guidance.

From painting and sculpture showcased at the Museum of Fine Arts to the thrilling modern performances presented at the Boston Centre of the Arts, New England has always been an incubator of culture.

Long’s Jewelers is a family-owned and operated full-service jeweler with five stores throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Our company knows how important it is to nurture young talent. Not just amongst our own in-store family, but throughout the communities we serve, we believe that encouraging young artists enriches all our lives.

Long’s and Rolex share the same passion for mentorship replica audemars piguet. As part of its Perpetual Arts Initiative, Rolex honors and supports an ever-increasing artistic community in a variety of disciplines that represent the brand’s ongoing commitment to fostering culture and artistic excellence around the globe.